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All Marine Reinsurances (Treaty and Facultative) Marine Hull, Marine Cargo and Marine In-land, the cover provide for the financial losses resulting from commercial and inland marine transportation and transit can have a drastic impact on a re-assureds’ business. We offer a variety of marine reinsurance products and services.

With a wide range of marine reinsurance product lines, we offer competitive rates and terms, and comprehensive coverage which meets any re-assureds’ need.

Product Highlights:

Based on our extensive, long-term experience in the region inherited from the parent Group- Africa Re- , Africa Re-Takaful provide a broad range of marine treaty products, on both a proportional and non-proportional basis as well as Facultative Marine reinsurance support.

Special Features

– Proportional arrangements both facultative or treaties

– Working or catastrophe exposed contracts

– Availability of substantial capacity

– Dedicated teams for building lasting relationships with clients based on trust, understanding, personal interaction and adaptability and maintaining continuous partnership with clients.

– Ability to consider composite exposures across all classes


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