Africa Retakaful

Committed to the Development of the Takaful Industry in Africa and Beyond


Africa Retakaful Company was established in June 2010 and commenced operations in January 2011. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of African Reinsurance Corporation operating from Cairo (Egypt). It was established in response to increasing needs of African Takaful industry for specialized Regional Retakaful Operator.

Africa Retakaful provides various Retakaful products which are shari’a complaint products and are essential for Takaful companies to meet their business requirements. Africa Retakaful will always ensure that all Retakaful products required by direct Takaful Insurance companies are available and are in line with Shari’a and recommended by the its Shari’a Supervisory board. Africa Retakaful adopt mixed between the two models (Wakala & Mudaraba). The Retakaful operation of the company is based on Wakala basis with management expense as actual. The Mudaraba model for the investment basically sharing profit and loss with participants’.


The mission of the subsidiary is to:

• Contribute to the development of the Takaful & Retakaful industry in Africa and beyond.

• Support Takaful development in Africa

• Provide capacity to the Takaful Operators, with positive returns for both Retakaful Contributors and Africa Retakaful.

• Support the African economic development


The vision of the subsidiary is to establish a leadership position as a regional Retakaful operator with international standards.

Core Values

Integrity: We do the right thing...

We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with shareholders, partners, employees, clients, consumers, vendors and the general public.

Leadership: We develop leaders...

We foster trust and collaboration to develop leaders focused on sustainable, superior performance. We set positive examples and invest in others so that they can follow the guidelines of leadership.

Professionalism: We do the right thing excellently...

We place a premium on competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, and cooperation related to how we provide our professional services.

Innovation: We anticipate change and shape it to fit our purposes...

We acknowledge the weaknesses within our industry and create ethical, forward thinking solutions to overcome them. We identify, develop and deploy leading edge technology, employee development programs and process improvement tools.

Accountability: We demonstrate ownership...

We are in the business of trust and at the core of accountability is reliability and personal responsibility; therefore, we value the ability of our staff and organization to honor our commitments. We will also take responsibility for our work and make what is wrong right to the greatest extent possible.

Respect: We treat others as we expect to be treated...

We embrace each individual’s unique talents and honour diverse life and work styles. We operate in a spirit of cooperation and value human dignity.

Continuous Improvement: We are a learning organization...

We measure, monitor, analyze and improve productivity, processes, tasks and ourselves to satisfy clients and stakeholders. We work with enthusiasm and intellect, and are driven to surpass what has already been achieved. We are not afraid to stand alone, especially when it is the right thing to do.